Spray Today – Tomorrow the Pests take your Crop Away

Crossmark BackPack sprayers PB-16 & PB-20 are acknowledged worldwide and have played an instrumental role in the global agricultural industry. Our knapsack sprayers are synonymous with quality because we manufacture them using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art precision equipment. But more than that – we listen and study the different needs of farmers and agriculturists everywhere.

Delivering the quality, ensuing performance Before we even ship out our products to you, we match our products to our already high quality benchmarks. We have the scientific knowledge to create, and the technical ability to develop and produce innovative agricultural solutions. Our satisfaction is in knowing that you have chosen our products. Simply because you trust our quality and superb performance.

We listen to you

We take time to talk to you. We listen, analyze and brainstorm for a solution to your needs. Innovation is the key to our success. By listening to you, we know that our products must meet these important criteria:
  • Suitability of the job for which the product is used for
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Good performance, lightweight & comfort
  • Ergonomically designed for heavy duty use
  • Durable, safe with no leakage
  • Easy availability of spare parts and accessories
  • And most importantly – reasonably priced and value-for-money